Zooey Deschanel Hot

I have always been a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel. The first time I ever saw her was in Almost Famous which is a great movie which you should see.

She now stars in the New Girl which is a great show! It has mean cracking up. I have not got a chance to watch it this year, but have them all DVR’d.

So who is Zooey Deschanel dating? Is Zooey Deschanel married? I dunno and I have not really done my research. All I know is she is beautiful and those eyes can stop any man in her tracks! She actually has a great voice too and she makes me happy when I see her in the cotton commercials, but not happier then when looking at the Zooey Deschanel pictures below.

Enjoy the Zooey Deschanel Pictures and Video.


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