Would you text a girl Good Morning if you were mad at her?

Question by Mine97: Would you text a girl Good Morning if you were mad at her?
Why would you text a girl good morning anyway?

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Answer by Et tu Brutus?
b/c even if you’re mad you still want her to know that y’alls relationship is stronger than a fight. Just a little reminder of “hey I still care.”

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17 thoughts on “Would you text a girl Good Morning if you were mad at her?”

  1. I’m not usually coherent enough in the morning to find my phone, let alone text.

    So no, I wouldn’t.

  2. im a girll..

    but yeah. if they text you good morning, yur the first thing theyre thinking about when they wakeup.

    if theyre mad they still care about you n dont want to fight so theyre saying it to show they stilll care.

  3. hahaha your question is funny because your asking but then your sort of answering it yourself. No i wouldn’t text a girl good morning if i was mad at her because i was mad at her.

  4. To be nice and to see how you are doing. Hopefully a brand new day will leave yesterdays mess where it belongs in the past.

  5. because you should b happy to see another day? life is short? People die everyday? wat happened yesterday was stupid? lets make up? DAMN WOMAN

  6. No, i wouldn’t.
    But it depends on if she’s mad at you, or if your mad at her.
    If your mad at her, then no, let her text you.
    If she’s mad at you, yes… go ahead, nothing all that bad could happen? i mean it’s just good morning.

  7. well i have friends that are girls….and i dont see anything wrong with that. we text each other a lot of random things to one another. If I were a guy and was mad at a girl at one point but loved her and still wanted her to know that I cared for her…in a very subtle way to start talking again I would text “good morning” otherwise i wouldnt text at all.

  8. To be sweet, no I wouldn’t if I were mad at her, so I guess he isn’t mad at you if that’s what you’re thinking. And if he is, maybe he’s cooled down.

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