Would I have gotten a text by now?

Question by 2gutta4u: Would I have gotten a text by now?
I got this girls number at my college a couple weeks ago. I text her a few times and we talked. I see her every other day at school we each have time between classes and we hang out.

The thing is she has never text me to start a conversation. Is she just that interested in me?

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Answer by simkid14
id say not
soz m8

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  1. She may well be interested in you. Usually in my experience girls aren’t always as eager as guys initially and usually wait for you to text them. Just take it steady though, flirt and see if she flirts back.

  2. My advice.: Things seem to be going well between you two. At least from your message. So i suggest; since this is not a dangerous topic to bring up to her, ask her why she only responds to your text but never texts you directly. There could be many reasons even though i doubt any of them would be relevant: like she doesn’t know how to text or she doesn’t have the time. And like the other writer said. Most girls like for guys to make the first move. If i were you i would study the way she is when she is around you and when you both are talking. What does her body language say. Is she nervous? anxious? Does she look at you when you both are having a conversation? Things like that. Good Luck and if she is the one, i know (hope) it will work out.

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