Would a guy continue texting a girl he’s not interested in?

Question by oops: Would a guy continue texting a girl he’s not interested in?
I’m confused whether this guy is just a friendly guy who wants to be friends or if he actually sees me as more than that. His texts are usually long with “LOL” & “haha” with smiley faces here and there. He would continue the conversation if it dies and asks me questions. And when he falls asleep while texting, he would text me in the morning saying good morning, usually continuing on from then.

But… what if he’s just doing that with every other girls? Could a guy do this even if he’s not attracted to the girl?

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Answer by Sally
It sounds like he might like you, but I wouldn’t drop everything for the kid. He very well could be texting other girls or easily distracted if another one came into the picture. I definately think he atleast thinks you are cute and nice.

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  1. I had the same situation happen to me, in the end he only saw me as a friend
    i think some guys play games but the other half can seriously like someone when they take out time to usually txt that much unless they just see you as a really good “Pal” which would sting abit… but you should just wait and see, if he likes you then he tell you soon. just keep doing what you’re doing and dont over think the situation.. cus if u like him and it turns out he only sees you as a friend then that would hurt…

  2. No man in the history of EVER! wants to be friends with a girl, It’s always a ploy for something more. Unfortunately what most nice guys fail to realize is that girls can actually just be friends with a boy. It’s unholy and it’s cruel but it’s fact. If you don’t like him, make it clear from the offset. Don’t waste his time. It’s cruel to be kind time now.

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