Would a girl text a guy everyday if she just wanted to be friends ?

Question by Shane: Would a girl text a guy everyday if she just wanted to be friends ?
So there is this girl and we text constantly usually until 1am almost everyday. We also usually text for over an hour. We haven’t been able to text because she has been working at a sleep away camp but recently got back. Since she got back we have been texting a lot about what has happened since we last spoke. She also has invited me over to her house a couple of times. So two questions, is this girl just being friendly and would a girl text and guy everyday if she just wanted to be friends

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Answer by Morgan
I would text a guy everyday if I just wanted to be friends but in this case it’s obvious she likes you more than friends. When you guys hangout look for signs as well as when you are texting. & you guys are texting till 1 in the morning thats definitly another sign. So yeah i don’t just think she’s being friendly.

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  1. well, this might confuse you even more, but, im a girl, and i have one guy friend who i can talk to for hours but i only see him as a friend, and i always will. i also have another guy friend, who i dont text that much anymore but we meet up almost everyday and we used to text a lot, and him i think i like a bit… 😛
    soooo…. u can never know whats in her head, im sorry to say that sometimes it is a bit more difficult to understand girls 😛
    but, if u dont like her, then its simple, dont do anything, just continue your friendship normally, and if she likes u then she will show a clear sign, or she might not, which will be fine since u dont feel anything and in time she will get over it too!
    if you do like her, then consider this-she might be waiting for u to show a sign, or make a move, so see how u feel about her and if u really think its worth risking your friendship (which could happen, if it gets too awkward, or if u end up together and it doesnt work out) but just make sure, cuz maybe she only thinks of u as her best friend!

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