Why would he start texting you?

Question by Confused Girl: Why would he start texting you?
Why would a guy who is in a relationship start texting a girl he just met? What would you do if you were the girl receiving the texts?


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Answer by Laura loves Luna! Knowledge Over Age
Guys can text girls without having feelings for them. If you got along when you met, then maybe he just thinks your cool. It doesn’t mean he loves you just because he’s texting you.

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3 thoughts on “Why would he start texting you?”

  1. just he wants to make frneship and if u are more pretty just he loves u or he wants to spen time with you

  2. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions maybe he is just trying to be nice to you because your knew. I guess it depends on what the text actually says, if you feel that he is being to friendly then don’t go along with it because if you were his girlfriend how would you feel if another girl went along with him flirting. Just know your limits because if anything he is the one being disrespectful not you but if he is just talking to you then you are not doing anything wrong. Go ahead and talk but if he tries to get friendly let him know that he has a girlfriend and you don’t think that is cool for him to do. 🙂

  3. He wants to be friends? He wants to get to know you incase it doesn’t work out with her? He is seeing what he can get?

    I would respond back if interested in getting to know him as a friend. If he is overly into you( obviously wanting to be more than friends) I wouldnt go for it. If he can do it to her, her can do it to you. Would be a bad way to start a romance/relationship. Figure out his intentions…go from there.

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