Why would a guy go after another girl while he has a girlfriend?

Question by : Why would a guy go after another girl while he has a girlfriend?
My BIG question is why do guys with girlfriends act like they like other girls. Why flirt with them knowing they already have a girlfriend why not break things off with the girlfriend if the relationship is coming to an end, why cheat? How could you text a girl knowing you have a girlfriend. How do guys feel when they do this? Does it make them feel like a “man”

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Answer by Madeline
because guys are dumb, i was dumped by a guy who couldnt decide between me and my best friend

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  1. Not all guys do that … just the jerks. A real man wouldn’t.
    But make sure he’s not just being friendly and that’s all.

  2. He doesn’t want to end his present relationship, until he feels confident about the newer/better one. He’s acting like a “playya”, so why bother concerning yourself about a person like that? Get interested in someone else, unless of course, you don’t think that you deserve anyone better than him.

  3. guys know wat they want but time is tiking for them so no wast they get a girlfriend but its just the body there looking for or personality, they’ll do anything to get that but in your case that guy want to be the man who can go out with alote of hot girls at a time, its showing that there badass and that’s how they’ll do it.

  4. Men usually complain that their girl friends or wives are not who they used to be anymore. Most of the times, these would point to the physical characteristics ‚ for example, the boobs had gone saggy, the tummy had gone flabby and the like.

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