Why would a girl stop texting?

Question by Johnson: Why would a girl stop texting?
I like this girl and I’m pretty sure she likes me too because she texts me multiple times per day, but she just stopped texting me and I only have one guess as to why. Would you still text a guy you like while you are on your period? What are some other possible causes you might stop texting?
the last text she sent was on sunday 12/18
Oh and the only reason I thought it might be her period is because one of the symptoms is withdrawal from family and friends, but what do I know? I’m just a guy…

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Answer by Howard Meme
HAHAHA, must be her period! Just be like “baby girl, I know its that time of the month, and ima let you have your time, but text me when you stop gushin, k? :)”

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  1. no if i liked a guy , i would want him to start the conversation, i wouldnt like starting and making the first move

  2. Well it depends WHEN she stopped texting. Was it just today that she stopped texting? Or has it been several days? If it was just within the last couple of days, she could simply be busy. It is the holidays. However, if it’s clear she’s completely STOPPED…well, she’s not interested in you anymore, simple. Personally I’d be more likely to text a guy I liked more on my period than less. I get needy.

  3. WOAH okay, i absolutely hate it when guys always automatically assume that girls do stupid things or get angry because they’re on their period…IT’S NOT ALWAYS THE PERIOD’S FAULT. please keep that in mind.

    but anyway…
    how long did she stop texting you for? do you recall saying anything rude that might have pissed her off? maybe she just doesn’t have anything left to say, or maybe you should try talking to her for real, like face to face. she could just be waiting for you to make a move since you’re sure she likes you too. let me know how it goes!

  4. I’d say (note: this is mainly applicable if she’s the initiator) she likes you but has felt you’re not initiating the texts or there’s not enough progression in the relationship, and so she’s starting to think the feelings mightn’t be requited, so now she’s trying to wane you out of her life in order to get over you. I have this kind of self defence response a lot- I know it’s a little impatient and in the past yes it has stuffed me over by me missing out on guys who liked me back but were too shy to say it.

    but not all is lost: I say start initiating some sms convs with her (so she doesn’t feel like the main initiator), have a few flirty messages included, and maybe see if she’s free to catch up some time.

  5. i stop texting because i feel like I’m being annoying because i feel like im the only one keeping the conversation going. that’s your problem, maybe you’re not putting your self in the conversation

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