why is my bf asking another girl out to lunch and telling her shes pretty?

Question by : why is my bf asking another girl out to lunch and telling her shes pretty?
i just recently found out that my bf of 3 years has been texting a girl he met from work. hes been asking her to lunch and telling her shes pretty. he also told her that he wanted to go to the mountains and drink with her. im confused idk what to think he also had an ex call him but i answered the phone and the girl hung up on me what should i do am i being to overprotective?

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Answer by missconspicuous
your not dump him!

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  1. um obviously he is trying to cheat on you. WHY would you even question what you should do? Move on, leave him, find someone who won’t do that to you!!

  2. no your not.. confront him and see whats happening. if hes cheating leave ..no one deserves to be cheated on

  3. he is gonna fcuk her, if you are ok with that then you are being over protective, if you aren’t then you better make some new plans for a new b/f.

  4. It is likely because he is no longer interested in you. Respect yourself enough to take the next step and move on with your life. Take care and best wishes to you.

  5. He’s cheating on your plain and simple. I know you don’t want to believe it but all the evidence is there. Don’t waste anymore time with him. It may be hard at first but it needs to be done and you will move on. If you do not dump him you will get played for the rest of your life. Once a cheater always a cheater and you deserve better.

  6. Uhh no. you should be his first priority. Not second option. Leave him asap before you end up hurt and or humiliated. What a jerk! Ugh!

  7. A guy and a girl can be best friends without having romantic feelings for each other. It looks like he has found some one that catches his eye. He does not think of you as a “girlfriend”, just a very good close friend. He is not cheating by asking another girl out. If you have “feelings” for him, you better speak up, otherwise be prepared to support his choices. Now if you thought he was your boy friend, then I suggest you ask him what’s going on. Do it now. Good luck

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