Why is it so hard to talk to girls?

Question by : Why is it so hard to talk to girls?
Every time a girl comes up to me and starts to chat, I get nerves and start to shake abit. Like wtf? I get so nervse that I dont know what else to say I just sit there sitting all silent and waiting for that girl to leave damn I suck at talking to girls. Any advice?

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Answer by Jed
Practise makes perfect

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  1. Yeah sometimes I talk to guys that look really nervous talking to girls. Not every guy has a puppy dog face, so I’d say just smile more. It makes you look less intimidating. and saying funny stuff might help you be a little more confident as well. Just don’t be weird. Shy and weird is okay, but weird weird is creepy haha and also asking a bunch of questions helps to keep them intrested in the conversation, just make sure you listen too.

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