Why girls dont text back? or text back fast.?

Question by : Why girls dont text back? or text back fast.?
Ive been talking and texting to some girl for months almost a year. We work together i can see she likes me and i like her back. We went to our first date last week. The next day she text me and we were answering each other swiftly. I text her today say hi and she said hi after like 15 mins then i said how are u and took 30 min just to say “good and u” i text her back to and its been an hour and no response. Am i screwed? Or should i just wait for her to text all the time because she responds better if she texts first. Who can understand these gals? Happend before the date also.

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Answer by Gt Gts
Ah don’t worry about it man she’s probably just busy or something don’t be too paranoid 😛

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  1. Maybe she is doing something, and does not have her phone at hand. Playing hard to get? possibly haha jk that could be a possibility. Just don’t annoy her by txting her everyday. unless she starts txting back fast.

  2. Ok so im a girl who tends to constantly text and then gets distracted and forget that im texting someone. Then I text for a while and then get distracted again. Thats probably whats happening

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