Why doesn’t this girl ever text me first?

Question by Robert: Why doesn’t this girl ever text me first?
I’m a junior in high school, and there is a girl in my class that I like. We always talk to each other, and she initiates conversations just as much as i do with her. When I don’t see her, I text her every 1-2 days. We have really good conversations not only when we text, but also when we talk in person. The bad thing is, I always have to be the first to text her. Is this ok? I feel like I’m annoying her because she never texts me first. She shows some signs that she likes me when I see her, but I don’t know…Help? Thanks!

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Answer by Satan
you’re such a

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3 thoughts on “Why doesn’t this girl ever text me first?”

  1. Trust me, most girls hate to text guys first. Either it’s because they think that the guy should make the first move, or they’re shy. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over a year, and I rarely text him first because I want to know they he cares enough to start the conversation. Maybe you shouldn’t text her as often and see if she ever texts you first because when she sees that you aren’t making a move, then she’ll do it.

  2. Girls really like when guys start the conversation because it shows they care and are thinking of us. It seems like everything is going great between you two so I wouldn’t worry about it. But, if it is really bothering you, stop texting for a few days. If she really cares, she will be the first to text, just to make sure everything is ok. If she doesn’t, then I would bring it up to her and see what she says. I have not answered my boyfriends texts sometimes and after a certain amount of time he will text me again. It just makes me feel good that he cares enough to text me. May sound silly but that’s how we think!

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