Why does this girl not text back?

Question by confusedman: Why does this girl not text back?
So I met this girl, went out on first date..went amazing she was smiling whole time and opened up. Got a second date a week later, which was yesterday and it went very well also. Talked whole time and I could tell she was interested..walked her to her apt building and made a move for a kiss and said good night. All is well.

So in between 1st and second date she takes like 4 hour + to respond to my texts and doesn’t ever text me. She just gives 1 line responses to what I say and that’s it. She didn’t even respond to this other one which I thought meant she wasn’t into me..but i texted her again and set the second date. So now after the date it’s the same shit. Barely answers, and doesn’t respond at all. Is this just some weird way to play hard to get? The vibe I got is that she is def into me. But when she texts it just seems cold. On the dates I would see her with her phone texting friends here and there. So i know she has that shit attached to her hand like every other girl. So should i jus keep texting her? When should 3rd date be?
I’ll add I have NOT been pushy with the texts. I literally sent like 4 over the whole week in between our dates. 2 of them were to confirm the second date. After last nights date, I texted her twice today within an hour. I mean, I don’t think she is playing me in any negative way. She doesn’t appear to be that type of girl from how she describes herself. We a mutual friend as well(coincidentally), and I know this girl wouldn’t be friends with the girl I am trying to date if she wasn’t cool/nice. Annnyway, I think those of you who say that she just might prefer phone calls/actually meeting up as opposed to texts are correct. I just HATE how texts have become so integral in this whole process.

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Answer by Naomi ❤ (;
Wait For Her To Text You Back. And The 3rd Date Shouldnt Be Soon . Give Her time .

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  1. I’m not an expert but with previous knowledge i think she wants you to call her instead of a text some girls are like that. Hope i was a help. Sorry for grammar I’m not very good with it!

  2. She’s playing you hard bro, she’s probably giving you the cold shoulder. I’d say call her If she doesn’t respond to your text. And if she doesn’t pick up then move on

  3. Maybe she just wants you to call her man… try that and see how she reacts.
    Unless you did something on the last date to send her off she might want to have a real conversation with you.


  4. In my opinion, I only respond with one word texts usually if I am trying to avoid someone at first however if they keep texting I flat out don’t respond to any of them ever! I have played hard to get at times by sending one worded texts but unlike this girls here I wouldnt do it for every conversation they way you put it. I would try one more time and if she does the same thing…just back off for awhile and see if SHE texts YOU!

  5. I’ve noticed with girls i text, i like to reply with lots of smiley faces and exclamation points and they dont put them back all the time that really hurts me for some reason. But it just seems to be the way they text. Now how does this relate to your story? Well some people dont like to text, or you’ll meet a really outgoing girl and you text her and shes wierd over texts. Well with your girl maybe she justs doesnt like texting try calling her.. Dont take it personnaly. Bet of luck friend 🙂

  6. I never like it when a guy continuously texts me. Sooo anoying!!! Maybe stop trying for a while and if she continues this, call her and just start out small talk then get to stuff like next date, etc.

  7. Not all girls are text-crazy. She might prefer seeing you for real or having a real phone conversation. Texts might not feel like the medium for sharing feelings for her.
    If she likes dating you, she likes dating you. It’s as simple as that. Be happy =)

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