Why does a girl ignore a text then flirt with you in real life?

Question by James: Why does a girl ignore a text then flirt with you in real life?
So i text this one girl and she ignored my text because in person i was playing hard to get but this week she came up to me and started flirting then i texted her later and she still ignores me. Why is that?? I say in the texts like “hows it going?” and like “hey whats up?” but no respond.

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Answer by HelloMyNameIsKabob
Dude I don’t even know. I don’t even flirt with girls. (I am not gay.) But I know what you mean. Some girls won’t respond to your texts but will talk to you in real life. Or sometimes even text you more than talk to you in real life. No matter what, in the end the guy feels stupid for texting without getting a response at some point. lol, I know this didn’t help but I can relate.

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  1. Prolly because the way you started the conversation try different ways that could make her laugh or give her a memory about something

  2. She’s setting boundaries for you right now. She wants to entice you with attention, but not allow you to have access to her social world.

    When you think about it, if you let someone text you, you are giving them a lot of your time. She may be telling you that she is not willing to give you that time. Maybe it is “boyfriend” time only, or maybe she is making you earn it. Probably both!

    Personally, I prefer to let guys text me, that way I don’t have to go out with them. I can play around with texts that lead nowhere except cyberspace. So for everybody it is different.

  3. either she’s playing hard to get or your just not that interesting to her, try be funnier get all her interest and attention then don’t pay as much attention to her unless she does

  4. She’s playing hard to get. Probably because since you are, she thinks it’s fair game. Not replying to your texts is probably just her method of getting you to think about her. because when she doesn’t reply, I bet all you can think about is “why didn’t she text me back!?”. However because she’s flirty with you in person, it shows that you’re still in her life and she’s interested.

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