Why do young girls talk to old guys at a bar?

Question by Jonathan: Why do young girls talk to old guys at a bar?
I’ve been to bars many times and seen young 20s girls talking to guys that are clearly like 10+ years over their age, now im not a pansy, i do talk to girls a lot at a bar, but they always seem to be more interested in these old creeps who still hang around at a beach bar in a college area at night, probably hoping to get them drunk and make an easy score, yet those young girls fall for them, why?

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Answer by Angel M
since alcohol is key to lowering inhibitions, these girls are flirting with whoever will buy them drinks. Maybe if you sent a drink their way, you might get one of them to talk to you. Personally, I’ve found that people in bars are only good for skeezy one night stands. If that’s what you want, knock yourself out. If you’re looking for a girl you can actually date and bring home to mom, try somewhere that alcohol is not served like a coffeeshop or a bookstore or just taking a walk.

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