Why do some guys hate texting girls first?

Question by Just me. (:: Why do some guys hate texting girls first?
Are guys afraid of being annoying? If you were texting a girl and flirting and stuff and things were well, would you stop replying just to see if she really cares enough to text you again? Do guys WAIT for girls to text them? Do you all wait for us to text you so you can see whether we miss you or not? Like what’s the deal with all this? Do guys PREFER when girls text them first or do you all find it annoying?

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Answer by Bill
To be honest its the other way around. I never had a girl tex me first I always have to tex them. In less its a girlfriend. But other then that its the girl that makes us tex them first.

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12 thoughts on “Why do some guys hate texting girls first?”

  1. I always text the girl i like first or my friend that’s a girl. It is annoying. They should text first once in a while to show they care.

  2. I like the girls to text me cuz I feel like I’m not bothering them. It’s different, trust me. Text a guy first.

  3. We’re I come from . A girl making the first move is as rare as seeing a pig fly past your window , I guess its one part of equality that women dont want

  4. A lot of guys prefer woman to text first. Plus if a girl texts first you know she’s interested enough to text you and not just interested enough to text back.

  5. i like it wen the girl texts me first it doesnt bother me at all even if its someone i dont like. Guys dont like it bc they dont wana be pushy.

  6. Well, I can only speak for myself but I feel I may be annoying when I text her and she doesn’t text me back. Just make sure you girls text back please when we try to talk. If you don’t, we get quiet.

  7. I don’t know why or get that either, but i think its gay as hell. depending on the age, if u like the girl or want something from her grow balls & TEXT HER lol

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