Why do some girls act coy and what is the purpose?

Question by Cool Guy: Why do some girls act coy and what is the purpose?
What is the purpose in a girl acting coy even if she is interested in a guy?

If a guy always calls and texts a girl and she usually answers, but she never takes the initiative to call or text, is that acting coy or is she not interested.

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  1. Girls act coy to maintain a proper image and not appear easy. As for your second question, figuring that out is really the trick.

  2. I’d say it’s to make the guy more interested.

    And you couldn’t really say for sure whether or not she’s interested based on that.

  3. I do it to make it not seem sooooo obvious I like the guy… Because people find it annoying when a girl is all over a guy.. I know I do… I don’t text the guy i like because I’m afraid of rejection…. or the girl could being playing mind games with you like you guys do with us….

  4. I think most of the time she’s not intrested. If the girl was really into that guy…trust me! She’d be the one calling or texting haha. Unless she’s just shy. Or playing hard to get. So many answers lol, but in my opinion, she’s probably not intrested. Hope it helped 😛

  5. I do this too. Basically, I am not acting coy. What I am doing is allowing the man to show interest and follow his feelings. I am not old fashioned, but I have noticed that when the man is the more aggresive one, the relationship works out better. I am in a stronger place. If I chase him then he has the upper hand. Also, I am not very romantic. Maybe lots of these girls are not romantic or they don’t get attached easily. They might enjoy the attention, but not really care. It might be more about their egos than an actual interest in a guy.

  6. It could be either one (acting coy or just not interested), but did you ever think that maybe she’s not just Acting coy but actually IS shy? lol I’m the same way when i like a guy, and i beat myself up for it by the end of the day. a guy will flirt with me and be super nice, and I’ll be really flattered and like him too but be too shy to return the favor on my own =/ it’s tough when you’re shy! if she likes you, give her time. sometimes it helps to not text her or call her like you normally do, making her think that you’re starting to think she doesn’t like you. does that makes sense? it will wake her up and make her realize she can’t be afraid and has to be more brave. it worked for me lol =) he stopped flirting and i realized i needed to be more “obvious”. of course she could just be “playing hard to get” lol just see what happens! time will tell

  7. First of all, like many love songs, we like our knights in shining armor. We WANT the guy to come after us and we hate guys who sit on their butts expecting us to make all the effort. Remember, we’re (traditionally) not the ones who get down on one knee to propose…that’s your job because you made the effort to come after us. We like that and that’s our role as women to do. On the other part, we get shy cause sometimes we don’t know what to do when a guy pursues us. We like to feel it out as the continues to come after us, but when you expect us to foot in a ton of the effort, we lose interest or we think you don’t like us anymore. How about this…..why don’t you subtly tell her that you’d like to hear from this girl you’re interested in more than you have been, like for example in an e-mail or text tell her you’d love to hear from her more often or hey, give me a call or text sometime. Make it plain to her that you are giving her the OK to contact you. Us women have a hard time with this one, on whether to contact you or not and if we are damaging the relationship or potential of one if we do make the initiative to contact you guys. Remember we have just or more of a hard time than you guys do. Remember, make it known to us, in a subtle way, what you want us to do.

  8. it depends, if she is the shy type than she is just kinda scared of being rejected. If she is the bold, outgoing type than she isnt interested.

  9. Ooooooo do you have lots to learn! Gals want to be shown not told that you value them for who they are as a person. Treat her like one and she will treat you like one back. Do yourself a favor. Turn off your dang texting machine. It has no voice. She likes to hear your voice…in…person. Showing up in person is the first way to show her you want to treat her the way she wants to be treated. Smile and say nice sincere things. Faking it never works. Talk about interesting things and find common ground. Go for a walk and hold her hand. Learn some romance, grasshopper.

  10. Either….
    1. As the rest say, she might just be ‘keeping up appearances’ playing the ‘I’m not easy’ line by making sure she doesn’t seem eager (and therefore less atractive) to you.

    2. She might be too nice to tell you she’s not interested, in which case, see if she’ll date you a couple of times and then ask the whole ‘soooo, are we like… dating? lol’ thing and see how she reacts… if she’s hesitant to saying yes then she sounds like she’s just the gutless nice type who strings guys along unintentionally.

    OR 3. Maybe she IS coy. Some people are just shy and when you like a guy, it amplifies it 100 fold. Even if she acts confident around strangers it might just be a cover and acting confident around ‘friends is totally easy, but you’re seeing more the ‘real her’ than how she’s ‘acting’. I’m like that. It takes that type of girl a lonnnng time to get to know people enough to let them in, and even then she might have a hard time calling or texting because it for some ilogical reason just seems intimidating and even if she KNOWS you like her she might irrationally FEEL like it’s just a ‘maybe’.
    There are so many thoughts that might be stopping her from doing it… even if she wants to. lol… it’s usually all stupid things too, like:
    ‘What do i say?’
    ‘What if he’s busy then the phonecall is at an irritating time and he’ll forever associate me with irritating?’
    ‘What if I run out of things to say and it’s just akward and he’ll think of me as akward?’
    ‘What if I do start calling and texting and then he stops liking me so much, then it’ll be so hard to stop cause I let myself like him openly’
    ‘What should my excuse be for calling’

    Just keep doing what you’re doing and if you can confirm that she likes you, chances are she’s just option #3. My advice (if she’s worth it, and those girls SO are… wink wink. lol.), just be supportive and constantly reassure her you like her and you’re happy for her to call whether she’s a good talker or not. After a while she’ll open up and feel able to call when she wants but for the first while you’ll have to be patient. I don’t mean act clingy though, if you feel she’s avoiding you or subtly hinting she wants space, just give it to her till she comes back. Don’t act cold, keep reassuring her, just don’t smother her.

    Haha. Sorry, I made it sound super complex but that’s just cause my fingers can’t really keep up with my head today so I think i just repeated alot. Mybad.

    Goodluck! 🙂

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