Why do so many girls like texting more than talking?

Question by CITIZEN of the WORLD: Why do so many girls like texting more than talking?
There have been quite a few girls that flirted with me regularly but I’m old school as in I like talking on the phone or hanging out with them you know the way PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO but they prefer just texting or talking online.
Can anyone explain this habit? Are they afraid or something?

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Answer by Cara
It’s easier to say what you mean in writing than out loud. There is much less of a feeling of possible rejection, as well as interruption. I find it much easier to communicate in a written form, because I can compose all of my ideas much better that way than I do on the fly just talking.

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5 thoughts on “Why do so many girls like texting more than talking?”

  1. I like it better because it gives me more time to think about what to say.

    They probably do it either 1: so they have time to ask their friends what to say, or 2: so they don’t say something stupid and make themselves sound like an idiot in front of you.

  2. its a lot less awkward cuz u have time to come up with a reply instead of coming up with something to say on the spot. i agree, i enjoy talking to guys in person…its more fun! but still pretty awkward

  3. I’ve never had a relationship yet and I think this might be potentially the #1 reason why. I’ve honestly never met another girl like me that cannot stand texting or online chatting. I don’t want to learn about all your hobbies and interests over texting. I like to see you face to face so I can see your expressions or actually hear your voice, way more meaningful that way. I guess we’ve just been raised to communicate through texting and its become a crutch to real, meaningful relationships, whether platonic or romantic. Anyway I’m ranting but it’s really a tragic thing to have happened to our culture imo…

  4. Well a lot of girls feel more secure when they txt or msg online
    its like a safe wall if we type something we didn’t mean to say we can always delete before sending
    and if we say something that we later regret we can always say “sorry that was for someone else” lol
    We can let out inner colors come out and a lot of girls are shy in person its like two different people one through technology and one in real person
    Somethings got to give, eventually the shyness will be overcome but that will take some time.
    Oh and I think WE (as in girls) are scared the guy might not like us in person just because the txting version of you is outgoing and speaks her mind but in person we aren’t half that.

  5. if the only talk to you in text they are not that into you bro but if they text and hang out then maybe they just hate the phone, i know i do. too much pressure. face to face is always best though

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