Why do guys never text girls back??????

Question by happy fizz x: Why do guys never text girls back??????
i texted this guy and he hasnt texted back. why dont they text girls back????????

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Answer by Little Miss Helpful
well….. they usually do text back

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  1. because they just don’t do it – just like they don’t tend to polish their nails – it’s reveals themselves too much.

  2. girl i know it is so annoying and when they do txt back it’s like 45 min. to an hour ugh i hate it

    i know how you feel!!

  3. maybe because guys are so much more laid back and girls text and call too much.
    when he feels like it he will get around to it.

  4. 1. Maybe he doesn’t know how. (Doubtful but possible)
    2. Perhaps he isn’t interested in being friends with you or some other not-so-good reason.
    3. Maybe he hasn’t gotten it yet. I text my boyfriend sometimes and he doesn’t get them ’til hours later sometimes…

  5. take it from a guy that personally loves texting
    sometimes they act different in front of girls they might be with a fam member or (no offense) are not devoted to writing back

  6. If the guy(s) don’t text back leave ’em alone and move on. Don’t make it a heavy scenario any longer for yourself. D

  7. i think its one of those questions that will always be unanswered – ive asked my male mates this question and the most common reasons are lazyness – they get distracted – they fall asleep – video games!!!

  8. they feel nervous they dont want to make it look like thay are desperate to text back you know boys they have to stay cool!!

  9. he doesnt answer back cuz u either stalk him annoy him or he just hates u but i always text back whoever it is and i dont add ppl becuz i hate them

  10. my bf doesnt ever text me back yet he keeps his phone in his hands when hes with me….drives me nuts but i think they just like to play hard to get a little bit. we would only take advantage if they handed themselves to us on a plate

  11. Well sometimes we get lazy. And really busy most of the times we. We try but get to annoyed to sometimes. Because most of the times girls text too much. So here is the answer from my opinion. Hope you like it.

  12. most guys are losers with no social skills, thats why they don’t text back.

    they think the phone is also archaic and prefer face to face communication instead.

    a guy that doesn’t text back is a reactionary loser. ditch him.

    P.S i am a guy

  13. idk eigther i hav duh same prolblem my bf hardly ever txt me bac and wen he does its hey, bye wsp? stuff simple so idk

  14. Next time you see him, punch him in the face and scream, “Why dont you ever answer my text messages?!?!!?!” Scream loud enough so everyone within a mile could hear you. And then punch him again, and again until you feel better.

    By the second punch be expected to get punched back. So have your reflexes ready and then counter punch when he miss so that you can knock him out. Aim for the chin and snap that right hook like you are whipping a towel at someone. That will teach him to answer your text messages from now on!!!

  15. Well my self i do text back,my GF ASAP.
    Not all the time,but when i get the chance to,cos of some reason,like driving,or at work and can’t do so.

    But this is normal,there is a reason why he is not answering.
    Have you thought he mite have a GF?

    Or he just give you his Number to please you,get you of his back?
    Sorry girl but all ways there is a reason for ignoring people.
    I would do the same if i didn’t like the girl,or not interested on them.

    GIVE up,don’t loose any sleep over this

  16. i text girls back… matter of fact i text anyone, regardless of gender, back right away or at least within 5 minutes of recieving it unless i’m angry at the person… now it IS also a possibility that he could be busy at the time and also how often DO you text him?

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