Why do guys do this when texting a girl?

Question by Andrea Martinez: Why do guys do this when texting a girl?
I understand that us girls may do this too but when guys do this I really don’t know why . So just 2 days ago I was texting this guy & during our conversation like out of nowhere he said ” Lol well goodnight” . We were like in the middle of talking about this topic. Then later when I was on facebook I saw that he was online. That’s what pissed me off so much ! That was like 30 mins. after he said goodnight. Then like 30 more minutes later he was still online -.- . This is actually not the first time he does that. Now I’m starting to have so many negative thoughts that’s why I didnt text him yesterday because what if he does the same thing again? Im not sure if I should text him today or not cause usually we text like almost everyday . Should i wait and see if he texts me first? Should I even be worrying about this? Why would he lie to me about going to sleep if he was probably texting other people still ? Did he not want to text me?

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Answer by Rodion
LOL!! thats why we guys do this as well… Look at yourself, your thinking of this guy over and over again, you just cant get him off your mind. Think it the other way, if he had replyed constantly to the point when you just didn’t want to talk to him, you’d be like, i dont care for this dude. My advice for you is, RELAX, when ever you want to talk to this guy do so, and if you dont want, dont do so.. feel free for god sake. And plz for once in your life girls, try asking a guy out!

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  1. There are a number of possibilities to this. Maybe he was just really busy so he said goodnight but actually went to do other stuff. Maybe he left his fb signed in on his computer because many people do that and actually went to take a nap or sleep? Maybe he did not want to talk about the topic anymore or he got bored? (I don’t know him or the topic so this may not be the most accurate) Also, many people do not like to actually have conversations that take a longtime through text because they prefer to talk face to face or online. If you’re close with this guy just ask him what’s up and if you’re boring him, or annoying him. Or ask his friends or something? Try maybe texting him but a bit less or not urgently because unfortunately it can get a bit annoying.

  2. You were probably being to clingy and he was getting annoyed lol! id wait a couple days and see if he sends a text. If this happens he is still interested in you lol. Also like the previous post RELAX! No guy likes a girl that is constantly bothering him we need space as well lol!

    Like I said just wait a bit and see if he contacts you and if not send him a text 3 days later with a simple Hey, Whats up? 🙂 then go from there relax and be smart about it.

    Good Luck!

  3. He doesn’t want to talk to you anymore or maybe he just doesn’t like texting to much. Either way there is no need to get mad at him just keep your conversations short. If he says anything about that just tell him that you know he doesn’t like talking to you to much and thats it.

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