Why do girls talk about penises so much?

Question by Batman: Why do girls talk about penises so much?
I’ve heard girls talk about guys penises a lot this year (7th grade) I’ve heard guys talk about like boobs and girls butts like two or three times but I’ve heard girls making jokes and talking about penis size and everything! Why do girls like to talk about them? Thnx!

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Answer by Marcus
It’s a new thing all you guys are just figuring out. Your finally noticing the opposite sex. It’s normal!

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5 thoughts on “Why do girls talk about penises so much?”

  1. lol penises are funny things. im a guy and ill tell you guys talk about penises more than girl parts. most guys are actually embarrased to talk about girls nowadays but a good penis joke is always funny.

  2. Sounds like me and my friends all 3 years of middle school lol every third word was either penis, he’s hot, I would bang him (in a kidding way) and I’m going to kill his girlfriend (again in a joking way!!) but I think it was because boys and sex was just something new and we thought all that stuff was funny. Gosh now that I think about it, we were just a pretty big group of horny teenagers…

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