Why do girls take forever to text back?

Question by Tyme: Why do girls take forever to text back?
I have done this a few times when im busy. But now I’m texting my girl as friend and holy crap, she takes like 30 minutes to reply back. I don’t want to say anything to her about it.
I think they do this on purpose •_•

Why must it take so long??
She asked for mg number and started texting me first btw.

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Answer by Mizo
Their boobs blocks their view when trying to text.

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4 thoughts on “Why do girls take forever to text back?”

  1. you mightve bored her in talking so shes doing it. or shes doing it on purpose so she doesnt seem like obsessed writing back lol wait 2 hours to text her back.

  2. Maybe it’s her service, or she got busy doing something. Sometimes i take forever to respond, because i have to watch my roommates dog and my cat and my chinchilla all at once. And also cause i clean and play video games and homework haha!

    Stuff comes up and you just roll with it, also i have a friend that takes forever to text back and hes a guy. His service is terrible though and that causes some delay. Also it depends on what shes doing, i play word search and watch netflix on my phone and i dont like to interrupt my movie or game for a text message.

  3. If they start to find you really annoying they will read your text and then wait a while to respond. I know I do that a lot when guys start to annoy me by texting me multiple times in one day. Maybe back off a little. Give her some space and don’t text her as much. Maybe even wait a few minutes before you text her back

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