Why do girls like getting texts (and first texts) from guys…?

Question by ~Pr*nce~: Why do girls like getting texts (and first texts) from guys…?
Q.1 So why do you girls like getting texts from guys? And do you still like the attention I guess that you get even if it is from someone you are not really interested in?

Q.2 If a guy texts you, do you assume he like you? (if you don’t know him well)

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Answer by Fuzzy_rave_girl
sometimes, most girls don’t. girls like it when a guy texts them first because it shows that they are thinking about you

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  1. Girls just like it because it shows that the guy was thinking about her, and yes its good to know that someone was thinking about us even if we aren’t really into them

    And no I wouldn’t assume that he likes me

  2. It makes us happy cause it shows they want to talk to you, and when we text a boy first we feel like we annoy them sometimes!

  3. I like having a guy text me first cause it shows hes thinking about me. It feels nice and girls love it 🙂

    and no, not always will i assume he likes me. He can just be a friend seeing whats up, always text a girl first they love it and if a girl texts you first dont keep her waiting! 😉

  4. 1. Yes girls like getting texts first from guys because it shows that the guy was thinking about them. And yes some girls like to texts guys that they are not interested in because basically girls just want to be wanted. (i assume guys want that too. lol)

    2. And no at least for me if a guy texted me i wouldnt just assume they liked me

  5. not if i dont know him well. i like talking to guys through txt because theyre more fun to talk to. I used to txt one of my guy friends in my class a lot, because he was my friend, but he just doesnt text me any more. But i do like texting them because they have better conversations

  6. We do like the attention. We would prefer to get the first texts from someone we like, but guys these days don’t always care enough to text. Girls don’t wanna be annoying they wanna know that the guy is willing to give them a little chase. If a girl is old fashioned she’ll wait for them to text her because she doesn’t wanna seem clingy. If the guy does it it’s not clingy…it’s caring and attentive. It’s messed up, but yeeeeah.

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