Why Do Girls Give Out There Number If There Not Gonna Answer A Call?

Question by rock_roll_musicman: Why Do Girls Give Out There Number If There Not Gonna Answer A Call?
Id rather she just lie and say I got a BF or something.But to actualy give a guy a number and when he calls/texts the girl dont respond.

Yes it happend to me and it wasnt even a fake number cause her voicemail was her.Is it some kinda sick joke girls play?

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Answer by Duff Man
cuz yo game ain’t tight

females answer mine VVVV

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13 thoughts on “Why Do Girls Give Out There Number If There Not Gonna Answer A Call?”

  1. They’re young, and want to be pursued.

    Be happy she’s not responding, the immature one’s wil put you through hell, they think it’s their right or something


  2. It’s called keeping their options open. Your girl just found a better offer is all. Keep trying!

    Good luck!

  3. Sometimes to get guys off their backs, but since it was a real number then more likely it was what you said on the call.

  4. duff man…what game do u have …..lMAO ..internet thrash talker ..hahaha…but anyways it depends on the kind of girl.

  5. yes. same thing happened to me. they give you a real number so that when you call THEY wont feel bad cause they didnt give you a fake

  6. Maybe its not her number? could be a fake number, but, i know i dont listen for my phone all the time, and if your calling on a private number she wont know it was you. And most girls do not answer private numbers, that could be your problem. Or maybe she just doesn’t like you?

  7. im not sure why we do it but ive done that plenty of times honestly not sure why i think i just feel better knowing that they want it and i can decide if i want to talk to them or not ive given it out before even though i wasnt interested cause no one can really make u pick up the phone plus girls have this creepy thing about having guys leave them messages and then listening to them or having their friends listen to them

  8. Because its an awkward situation for a girl to not be interested but at the same time don’t want to hurt the guys feelings. We think that after the guy continues to call with failed attempts he will eventually get the point and move on. Its really just immaturity.

  9. A) Said girl is playing “hard to get”.
    B) You may have mistaken her intentions for giving you her number.
    C) Her cell has crap battery life and she has no clue you even called her.
    D) She doesn’t have caller ID and she’s paranoid of calls from “Unknown”.

    You should try to feel out her story from her friends if possible. It shouldn’t be hard to find out if she has a boyfriend or not (facebook?).

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