Why do girls act different in text messages?

Question by Mike Iteris: Why do girls act different in text messages?
whenever im texting this girl shes always texting stuff like i miss you and all that but when im with her in person its really different. why?

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Answer by Lola
chances are shes shy.

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  1. people are alot braver in writting – text messages email etc. dont worry she should open up and be braver afta a while of seeing you in person.

  2. its easier to say things you mean, be more confident, flirty etc in text messages/over the internet then it is in person.

  3. its just like when people argue and threaten to beat you ass on the computer screen but never will they ever meet you or ever say that to anyone else

    i guess they are just insecure
    when your in person try being the one to make the moves or talk the talk
    get her to loosen up a bit she sounds very tensed up

  4. she probably feels more comfortable saying it over a text.. plus shes not gonna miss you when shes with you : ) .. but until she gets really comfortable with you it may be kinda awkward for her to say some things like that in public or even just when shes wih only you!

  5. are u sure u are txt the same girl u talk to in person……???? think bout it… and let me know………

  6. she’s more confident when she can pre meditate what she’s gonna say in the message and when you can’t see her, just wait till she is more comfortable around you.

  7. They are more comfortable to say what they want… in your face its too much pressure in what your reaction would be.

  8. she does that because she’s shy! she means everything she says in all the texts, but when she’s around you she freezes up a bit because she’s nervous and crazy crushing on you! this also happens on aim/facebook alot as well, so be warned!

  9. They just do

    You just become more confident. Like you dont have to say whatever your saying to someones face.. Its just easier.
    It can be annoying however.
    But yeaa


  10. its easier to say how you feel because you’re not upclose to them in person and they dont have to be shy or embarassed…and that my friend is how they get in your pants.

  11. maybe in text she feel more comfortable to tell u how she feels she could just be shy around u because she likes u so much. sometimes it’s easier to hide behind a cell phone then say things in person it doesnt mean that she is any different it may just be that she is scared to tell u these things in person

  12. its becuz no one can see what they are saying, same with computers. if shes texting you one way, and being different its cuz she doesnt want anyone to see how she really talks to you, same with com. and phone, if shes on the phone and someones with her, she will be totally different, if shes talking to you on the computer and someone is sitting with her it’ll be the same, but maybe shes just shy,,,

  13. Because girls feel more comfortable through text. In person we become nervous and shy. . .

  14. ==>>[BEST ANSWER]
    *!* mainly because she’s shy (&&) it’s better for her to text those words then to same them aloud don’t be mad she’ll come around (that happens to all girls even me)

  15. Everyone is different in an electronic environment. I’ve met people from Myspace that are completely different, for better or for worse, from their internet personality and their actual one. Maybe she’s self-conscious about saying those things in front of you, so she does it when she feels secure with texting.

  16. girls normally act differents in texts because one: they maybe be shy, two: its alot easier for girl to talk and be like that in texts, three: most girls act completley differnet in texts, and just dont wprry about it, iits just haw most girls are, and its still the same person remember that

  17. It’s the same reason girls may act WAY more flirty and bold in their cars at a stop light.You aren’t face to face with the person you are actually saying this stuff, too. She isn’t anyway near you when she’s texting this stuff, and no one is hearing or seeing or say it. It makes anyone bolder.

  18. because it’s so much easier to be more open when you’re not looking at someone face to face. that’s why there are so many cyber bullies because in person they don’t have the heart, or kahuanas, to be mean. also it’s easier to pretend to be someone else thru txt and ims, etc. she’s probably just shy, eventually she’ll be comfortable enough with you to say it to your face. try saying that stuff to her first.

  19. It is alot easier to say things through texts because its not even your voice. try talking on the phone. then you wont be face to face but its at least real voice. then maybe she will open up in person also.
    good luck!!

  20. Would you rather say something like, ‘you looks really cute today’ or ‘i’ve been thinking about you’ over a text or in person. Chances are, its easier to do it by text. Its easier to say things like that when you dont have to see the other persons reaction or when other people are around. Seem silly but its true.
    Hope this helps. x

  21. When you text someone it’s very disconnected it’s like email. You can put feeling into it but you are more likely to be cavalier or bold when your not looking directly at the person. It’s most likely because there don’t appear to many consistences and because there is little to no real emotion attached to texts you can always spin it as a joke if you don’t get the reaction you want.

  22. almost all girls are like this. its not because they are shy. it feels different to a girl to say stuff in person. for example, im a girl and i could call someone names and say mean things to the biggest bully but i would never be able to do it to their face. we feel more open and able to say how we really feel. some guys are like this too. so its not just girls! lol hope this helps.

    the good thing about this is that you can tell who she really is on the inside when talking to her in text form. or they can talk to you about more sexual stuff more openly or really whatever you want them to be more open about that they wont say in front of you. They WILL in TEXT!

  23. She is probably very shy. She might have trouble verbalizing her feelings to you. If you care for her, be there for her. Show her that she can be who she is around you. Sometimes a girl just needs to build up some trust before she’s comfortable speaking like that. If she’s sending you messages with it, she means it. Just has trouble saying it. Tell her you missed her in person one time.

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