why can’t I talk to girls?

Question by Raymond: why can’t I talk to girls?
I can’t talk to girls I don’t know why. I’m one of those people that only talks if you know me. Everytime I want to talk to a girl I get speech blocked it makes me feel like crap. Like this girl in my bim class she’s so beautiful but I can’t say a word to her I get really nervous and I don’t know what to do.

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Answer by Kadeem
been there my friend you must be young the only way to get over it dude is to stop worrying about what they think of you and what they think you look like and things like that it all boils down to confidence your going to have to do what myself and many other men had to do just get over yourself and talk to the girl practice makes perfect

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  1. OMG i’m the same!! (except i’m a girl). i have this issue where i don’t talk to people unless they talk to me OR if i know them. i’ve been trying to talk to my crushes for years but i’m way too shy.

    some advice: don’t start off with the most popular/beautiful girl to talk to. you need to get some experience first. start conversations with girls who makes you less nervous and then once you feel more confident, start climbing up the “social” ladder and talk to more and more popular girls :))

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