Why can’t i talk to girls?

Question by imahugetool: Why can’t i talk to girls?
I physically cannot take the initiative to walk up to a decent looking girl and talk to her.

I have a lot of friends at school and i’m not really self conscious i mean i know i am not the hottest person alive but i should be able to at least talk to a girl, even if it is justa simple conversation, nothig more.. Im a sophomore in high school and at lunch I sit with all my buddies and there is this girl that sits behind us with her one friend and its just the two of them but i cant talk to them for some reason, or any girl!!. If i know there is a girl i dont have a chance in the world with i can talk to them fine or if it is a girl i am not interested in i can talk to but if they are attracted and i have a possiblity with them i am stuck. WHAT CAN I DO??

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maybe your gay

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  1. hang out with guys that CAN talk to girls–like right before class, and conversation will just flow naturally

  2. start off by talking to girls online, then talk to them on the phone. take step by step otherwise you will always be scared. you need some confidence. that’s all. girls aren’t that scary, whatever is running through your head, is running through hers.

  3. Ask one of your guy friends to invite her over to the lunch table. Once you’re all laughing and talking maybe you’ll gain the confidence (because you’re more relaxed and comfortable and in your environment) to say something specifically to her.
    But don’t read this as doing the whole: asking your friend to tell a girl that you like her thing. That’s childish. But to have a buddy go over to a girl with you so that when you’re nervous it’s not awkward because they’ll be talking while you’re working up the nerve to say something is a good idea.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. Yeah I have the same problem – You are not alone!
    Can you talk to girls who you have no intention of asking out or anything? Because if you can it MAY build your self confidence!

  5. take the plunge and talk!
    if its tht you dont know what to say ask them a question about something stupid, like about a class or something

  6. be yourself… stop worrying about what they might think of you… just go up to them and be nice and friendly start a conversation… dont start with that “its a lovely day” shit cuz it doesnt work.. just be like hey whats up?

  7. If you arent comfortable around them and you cant be yourself then why would you want to hang out with them. Having a relationship is about being completely comfortable with someone… not being afraid to even speak

  8. yah you should walk up when one of your buddies is talking to a group of girls and if its a conversation you can jump into jumpi into it.

    and if you kinda know the girls start by saying hi to them in the halls
    because that hi can turn into a hug real fast.

  9. relax! Getting all wound up about talking to interesting girls is what makes it impossible to talk to her! You have to let go, not think about any of the what ifs. I know it is easier said than done, but you know what they say, prectice makes perfect!

  10. if you can talk to guys fine just think your talking to a guy. its not a big deal. i’m sure many people have that problem. trust me you will come out of it and will be able to talk to girls with no problem.

  11. I’m the same way only I’m a girl that can’t really talk to guys. Especially to my crush! Fo me it’s because I’m not confident, I worry too much and I get super nervous!! So maybe you need to relax more. You said you weren’t self conscious or the worst looking so that doesn’t seem to bother you. I think you just need to relax more. You sound a lot like me! Just put a thought into your head that you do have a chance then go from there and be yourself! If you think something in your head then that’s what you’re going to believe cause your mind’s telling you to so just think more happy thoughts. Lol easier said then done, but just practice and take things one day at a time, one step at a time. I wish ya luck!

  12. what i would do is hang out with your buddies and when they are talking to a girl, just start talking little by little, like get in the coversation and hopefully the girls will talk to you also and you will hopefully be able to talk to them…i mean if you are in the conversation and they ask you a question, you cant just not answer it, so you will probably end up talking to a girl…hope fully this helped…most likely it didnt but yea…lol 😀

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