Why are so many guys afraid to talk to girls?

Question by RACISTMUFFIN: Why are so many guys afraid to talk to girls?
I think if they actually tried they would realize talking to girls is so much easier than talking to other dudes. What’s with all the dating advice websites? Just be social, and don’t over think. If you over think what you say you just come off as a awkward person.

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Answer by ItsEmeryyBabess♥
Yeah!!! i know.

i see so many questions on here ‘im really shy and i could never speak to a girl unless she spoke to me first’ , making the first effort to a guy by speaking to him is really awkward, its so much eaiser for a guy to speak to the girl and she’ll just make it so easy for him and there is no need for him be scared or shy…

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3 thoughts on “Why are so many guys afraid to talk to girls?”

  1. i think it,s mostly about shyness. they are afraid to talk to you because they might get tongue tied and say the wrong thing.

  2. its so weird lol. even high school guys. “if i like a girl, i can’t talk to them” wth. since when did girls make first moves!?

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