Why are relationships the most talked about?

Question by Paige: Why are relationships the most talked about?
We have problems going on in the world. Why is your boyfriend texting another girl the end of the world?
That being said I feel this is why society has been “dumbed down” because people don’t like to think. Why is that? I personally love to learn. Why is it different for others?

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Answer by I Am a Vampire
your bf texting another girl immediately affects you. most people dont care about something unless it immediately affects them. im sure if a girl was in the midst of a third world country, being raped, starved and beaten she would care about it. people just dont know how to empathize.

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  1. I like talking about relationships because it helps me out on my own. I do think relationships will always be important because that is the person you spend the rest of your life with(if all goes well) so people want to make it perfect. But i do see what you are saying, I am just telling it strait. Also, relationships distract from the problems of the world.

  2. I think boy friend and girl friend crap is stupid…It hurts your feelings and hurts you in many ways It can lead you to your death because you though the person really loved you when they just though of you as a toy! I would rather not have a girlfriend and stay single till I am at marrage age! =d

  3. Teenagers tend to be awfully self-centered. Boy-girl stuff is immediate. (Some people never outgrow this, which is why there are gossip columns.)

    Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about other people.”

    And I think you’re right: the media has dumbed the conversation down to trivia so the corporations who own the media can get away with murder. Did you know the BP site in the Gulf is still leaking?

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