Who should text first, the girl or the guy?

Question by Vince: Who should text first, the girl or the guy?
Most people think the guy should, but if the guy keep texting first continuously, it makes us feel like the girl is uninterested. So who texts first, the guy or the girl?

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Answer by Love is…
Eh, I text first. But I keep it simple so I dont look too easy.

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8 thoughts on “Who should text first, the girl or the guy?”

  1. guys.

    but hey i text first sometime but i like it when the guy texts 1st, it makes the girl feel like hes interested.

  2. The guy, because they are more outgoing in these kind of things. But if she tries to end the conversation quick and short then she probably is not interested.

  3. the guy

    Girl’s will usually try their best not to seem desperate.

    And btw girls also think that when a guy says “heyy” with multiple y’s, then he likes he. If she gets that kind of text she’ll be like, “Oh-my-god- Vince is TOTALLY in love with me!” to all her friends, and then she’ll be like, “ew gross I would never date him,” even if she liked you, just to seem cool.

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