Where can i talk to girls on the internet?

Question by A: Where can i talk to girls on the internet?
I just need some practice talking to girls, because as of now, my experience in that field is pretty slim. So, anyone have some websites to talk to girls, preferably from the ages 16-20, cuz im 18.
i know its better to go out in person, but i mean, i gotta start somewhere right?

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Answer by Mr. President

it’s like chatroullete

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6 thoughts on “Where can i talk to girls on the internet?”

  1. Myspace, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook etc… Do not go to chat forums… bad place to learn how to talk to girls…

  2. i suggest to go out instead & talk to girls around u. the internet will only help u getting knowledge, but nothing else. talking to girls on the internet will not help u in any way

  3. First off it’s 18 and up since you are 18.

    I like how the age of consent is 16 it lets me know the creeps.

    Talking online won’t be the same because you’ll still have the safety of not being in person, the ability to close the browser anytime you want, and no worries about bumping into the person again.

    Find some interesting conversation starters and topics. Or out of the blue questions.

    Go to a college you’re not attending and talk to all the girls there.

    Ones you’re attracted to or not.

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