when to text the girl u like when u first get her number?

Question by jacklinks50: when to text the girl u like when u first get her number?
ok well today at school i asked for this girls number because i thought she was really cute so i went up to her and said straight up ” hey can i get your number so we can text some time ” and she said yea sure. so i got her number. ive have not texted her yet its now 4:45 pm right now and i got her number at 3. so should it be the appropriate time to text her and what should i text her?

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Answer by TDWP
you dont wanna seem desperate. give it a day or two

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  1. Give it a few days. late one evening so it doesnt seem like you were waiting to get out of school to text her

  2. The right thing to do would have been to text here IMMEDIATELY after getting her number with ‘hey, here’s *YOUR NAME*’s number.” About a week later, ask what she’s doing, if she wants to do something.

    Hope that helps for the next time!

  3. Don’t buy into the “3 days then text” bullshit that some other people tell you, 4:45 is more then long enough….Hell, if i get a girls number, i’ll text her right after i get it, so she can save mine and maybe get a convo going while im on the go.

    Just do not make the mistakes that hundreds of guys a week that hit on a single girl do, the key with text message game….is to be the most interesting person they know……whenever you get one of these

    “hey what sup?” NEVER answer with shit like “nm, u?” because thats the end of the conversation…..Give it something crazy with pizaz, and she’ll go to you for entertainment since you’re more interesting, and want to have some of the fun that you *even if you dont* appear to have.

    W.W.E.D (What would eXa do?) text message responses to “hey whats up?”

    -Hunting dinosaurs, ever try it?
    -Gearing up for monthly longboard tour
    -Saving the neighborhood from spiders

    Try it before you buy into it, they seem rediculous, but will work. If you want to open the conversation up….Ask her a question “Hey, have you ever longboarded before?” (no or yes, why?) “Cause im gearing up for this monthly longboard tour, should learn how and come out”

    Again, tweak it for things you can actually do, and use it to your advantage to get her to come out with you.

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