When to Text a Girl You Like

You’ve come a long way in to your manhood and discovering ways to improve your life. But there are always things you could improve on. Use the example of the kitchen. Sure, you might have all of the basics down, but that gets boring day after day. How about learning how to make a gourmet meal so you can mix it up every so often? The same goes with words for a man. You can master the basics, but let’s try for some complicated interaction with the other gender.

Rules for Texting the Girl You Like

1. Text her immediately after you’ve met her.

Usually the opposite is said, Play cool and keep her waiting for a day or two. However, that can also backfire on you, especially if more than one guy got her phone number recently. There is a fine line between appearing desperate and eager when you send that text through though. You can be eager sounding and interesting while playing it cool sending her a text just a few minutes or hours after exchanging phone numbers.

2. Be clear with the humor.

Do you hate it when you can’t tell if someone is joking or not? Don’t put her in a position to wonder the same thing with you. Texting makes it even harder to tell sometimes because you don’t have the person’s facial expressions to read when they are speaking. So make sure your intent is clear with each and every text message you send out of your phone. Be clear and don’t be a weirdo in what you send to her.

3. Be flirty and interesting at all times.

There are a surprising number of men that send empty texts to a girl and then don’t understand why they never get anything in return. Stop and think about it for a moment. How many texts do you receive that don’t seem to say anything and you ignore them? Probably a lot. Now factor in everyone around the world doing it and you have a staggering amount of useless texts floating around. So don’t play that way and make your texts mean something. Make it have a point, build them up, flirt, tease them and communicate with quality interaction to try and seduce them.

4. Send a time and place to meet.

You managed to get her phone number, now it’s time to put the fingers to work and actually get another meeting in. Get comfortable in the interaction before you toss out a day and time to meet though or else she might think you are weird. Send a few funny texts and quality interactions before you set a date. It might be a reminder of an event you had already planned to go to together, but remember to do it and remind her so she shows up too.

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