When texting a girl, it can be short right?

Question by Jake: When texting a girl, it can be short right?
I’ve been texting this girl that I like and I usually text kinda at night before we go to bed. Tonight, I don’t think I can text her because I have stuff to do, so I want to text her in the afternoon, but I don’t have that much time either, to talk. So would it be weird to just text her and ask whats up real quick or should I just not text her at all and talk to her tomorrow at school?

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Answer by Amanda
Talk to her tomorrow

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8 thoughts on “When texting a girl, it can be short right?”

  1. texting dosent take that long befor you go to bed if se dosent see it tonight then at least she might when she gets up just dont ignore her

  2. I hate it when guys leave me hanging in texts and I always feel like I have to keep the conversation going. talk to her tomorrow

  3. if you want to talk to her, talk to her. but girls dont like when guys make short conversations so just talk to her tomorrow.

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