When a girl says no after a compliment of her beauty?

Question by Joe Niler: When a girl says no after a compliment of her beauty?
So I text this girl that I really like and I flirt with her sometimes and i’ll say something about her beauty or I will tell her that she is really good at something and why. Often she says haha no and I will say yes you are and she will keep saying no. Is this a bad thing meaning she may not be into me if she keeps saying no? Or is she just fooling around?

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Answer by Marie Sanders
She don’t know she’s beautiful ;D

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  1. It has nothing to do with you. My boyfriend tells me I am beautiful everyday and I tell him well i dont see me the way you do. Its her selfesstem something has happen to make her think she is pretty and not good at anything just keep telling her and she will finally see what you do.

  2. A lot of people don’t know how to accept compliments. They feel that by saying “thank you” they are acknowledging that they also think they are beautiful and don’t want to sound egotistical. For her it is probably just an automatic response – not a bad thing that has to do with you at all.

  3. noooo! she just wants more attention! a lot of girls are insecure about themselves but she most likely isn’t. she just wants to see you fight her playfully about how great she is. trust me. easy way to flirt. 😀

  4. She’s either being modest because she actually doesn’t think those things, or she is messing around, or she just wants to hear you compliment her more.

  5. Inside she’s probably really happy, all girls love compliments! And seriously it’s absolutely normal for girls to say ‘haha no’ and whatnot, I mean look at how we reply to compliments on our profile pictures of Facebook! If a guy complimented me I’d also say ahaha no! 🙂

  6. 1 ‘ girls like being complemented allthe time 2’ maybe she dnt believe it and make her believe you ! Say something like I dnt lie you are extremley beautiful I say this from the bottom of my heart then she won’t keepo denying it

  7. She has low self-esteem and doesn’t know how to properly accept a compliment. Next time, instead of saying “You are pretty (or whatever)” say “I think you are pretty (or whatever)”. That way you are stating your opinion. It’s way harder for her to say no without indirectly calling you a liar.

  8. it doesn’t at all mean she’s not into you. let me explain this to you sir. girls are insecure. which means, at some points, she may belive that she’s not good at something or that she’s not pretty. I’m a girl. I know how it is. Sometimes they need to hear it again to feel good about themselves. She may just be flirting, but by no mean does it mean that she’s not into you. it’s not a bad thing, it’s just basic girlology. it’s a real study. there’s a book and everything. Lol

  9. it can go both ways.. either she haven’t been told that often .. people calling her ugly all the time or she can be joking as in no i know i am ( not being cocky ) but she laughing in front of it she probably meaning it in a joke ful way

  10. That, friend, is just a girl not knowing what to say to a compliment.

    You say shes beautiful, she has no idea what to say. She doesn’t want to seem big headed by just saying thank you… so she denies her own beauty. She may say this despite the fact she thinks she is beautiful herself.

    I mean, think, what would you say if a girl said you were handsome? Difficult to respond?

    If you go on facebook, look at comments on pictures of girls. See how they react too, “your beautiful” or “hot” etc.

    So yeah, building on what other people have said, she most likely would like to be reassured of her beauty!

    I hope that’s answered your question.

  11. It’ not bad, it’s actually nothing to do with you. That’s just something girls say when you complement them. They deny it so you’ll say it over and over again. If she agrees with you, she’ll think you think she’s arrogant or narcissistic.

  12. When you give a compliment to her you are expecting something in return? Smart girl! WOW Just keep it real and be yourself because game recognize game.

  13. I personally think she does know that shes beautiful/attractive but she doesnt want to come across as conceited. In other words, shes being modest about it so you wont think this.. simple as that. Anyways, I say you should compliment her once more but if she doesnt accept it this time, then stop cause then shes just doing it so you can keep telling her.. & this will boost her ego.

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