What’s the point of texting a girl then not responding?!?!?

Question by Nelly: What’s the point of texting a girl then not responding?!?!?
I was dating this guy for 2 and a half months because he is going back to Europe. I didnt talk to him for 2 weeks but out of the blue he texted me on christmas. He was texting once a day for 2 days now he’s not even responding.

Whats the point of texting a girl after 2 weeks of not talking, then ignoring her?!!?

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Answer by Blue
How would I know?!!?

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3 thoughts on “What’s the point of texting a girl then not responding?!?!?”

  1. Ask him why he does that. If he comes up with some bullshart excuse, it’s time you re-evaluate your relationship with him.

  2. People do that to me all the time. It could be for any reason. They might be too busy and didn’t even notice you texted. Or maybe they are in a area that doesn’t have service, or possibly even a situation to where he can’t pull out his phone and type some messages.

    I couldn’t tell you exactly why. Even when I am super busy I always have 20 seconds to spare to write something like “I’m going to be busy and can’t text, sorry”

    Some people don’t care

  3. I’ve experienced this with lots of guys unfortunately, I feel like they do it just to get their hooks deeper in us girls. It’s really annoying, I know how you feel.

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