What would happen if I texted this to a girl?

Question by Jordan Rayburn: What would happen if I texted this to a girl?
Suppose I text a girl (female friend) and say, “I have pantyhose on.”
What will she likely say back? We’re both in high school, by the way.

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Answer by Murzy
she’ll think you are a cross dresser

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9 thoughts on “What would happen if I texted this to a girl?”

  1. She’d think you’re weird and probably never wanna talk to you and you’d be known as pantyhose man. Unless you’re really good friends then shed just take it as a joke

  2. hahahahahaha I would just laugh and ask why, if you had a real reason I wouldn’t mind even if the reason was “I just put them on to see what they felt like” girls wear guys boxers to see so it is kind of the same thing. as long as it doesn’t happen repeatedly. My BF is a dancer and wears tights all the time. He is a break dancer trying Ballet and he informs me of it too and I just think its cute.

  3. I would be like “Lol are you serious?” and if you were my good friend I honestly wouldn’t care but if you were someone I didn’t know very well I would think you were odd and not talk to you anymore because it would be akward.

    Why are you wearing pantyhose by the way…?

  4. She might think and believe you are gay/bisexual and you are immature if your not gay/bisexual. Or she’ll think your some creep who wears women clothing, she might even think your a transsexual.

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