What would be some good ways to practice talking to girls?

Question by joseff21: What would be some good ways to practice talking to girls?
I need more confidence talking to girls, I was thinking the mall, in which i could go up to random girls and try to get their numbers, but i heard from here(YA) that that’s kinda creepy..

*oyea im in college, age 18, i jst wanted some place where i got nothing to lose i guess lol

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  1. the fact that you have to devise a plan is kinda creepy, people pay to much attention to this dating thing….you like some one just say so…what’s the worst that could happen? burst in flames if she says no? i doubt. understand that you are relevant and important and deserving of happiness like everyone else, thus be confident in YOU.

  2. Okay so I saw this question and went “Awwwwww”

    but then I read the part about asking random girls for their numbers and cringed. Yeah. Definitely creepy D:

    I’m in high school, and so I guess that’s the easiest place to interact with members of the opposite sex. Buuuuut, you’re already in college, so i guess I’d suggest talking to girls around campus? Get involved with as many things as you can- the small talk will come naturally, and then after small talk there’s flirting.

    Good luck! ♥

    Answer mine, please?

  3. class just ask what she thought/thinks bout it you can take tha two ways class oriented or just tell her that it was just a question and you want to see how she would answer another for woemen you may never see again just intro and ask if you can ask her a question they always say yes and ask if she has been told how pertty she looked today no means uninvolved or involved with a jerk either way good for you if yes just say thats goood you do and walk away no hadm no foul and either way you made her day

  4. talk over the web… like omegle chat… somethimes its a lil inapropriete but if you find a girl on there have a convo:)

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