What to text to a girl you like?

Question by The: What to text to a girl you like?
See there’s is this girl I like and this is her first year at the school so I introduced myself to her and made her some friends. The thing is that after a couple of months she’s gotten real popular (probably because of her cute, bubbly, friendly attitude), more popular then me actually. I have no idea if she has a boyfriend or if she even likes me. So what do I text her to suggest that I like her but not too suggestive that if she doesn’t like me it doesn’t create an awkward relationship. I’m not scared of being rejected its just that awkwardness afterwards. What do I say that will make her bite if she likes me but not really care if she doesn’t. Also girls period I don’t know how to text to girls period because there is a whole nother set of rules for them.

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Answer by termin8or13
Talk to her. Texting is so chicken.

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  1. slap her across the face with ur penis and tell her to make u a chicken sandwhich with extra mayo or else…..

  2. What do you mean by “period”?? and say “hey whats up cutie” thats ALL. then go on with how she reacts. if she reacts in a negative way try to imply something else. or lead the convo out of the subject and into something different and FUNNY.

  3. Start off being like
    Then be like wanna play a game called 20q,
    if she dont know what it is be like
    its a game wehre you can ask anything , but you cant repeat questions.
    Then ask a few dumb ones gradually get into it and be like
    :Would you ever date me:
    : Do you like me more then a freind:
    and yeah.

  4. if you love the girl then just be relentless and make sure she knows that you will never stop trying untill shes yours forever-that just the way i am-win or lose

  5. Alright don’t worry about the period thing alright? First of all ask her if she wants to go to the movies with her but write it like this if you were texting: Ey, I waz wonderin if ya wnted ta go to da movies wit me? And if she says No then just reply Aight den it’s all gud. And if that don’t work then she obviously doesn’t want to go out with you.

  6. just ask her, can i tell u somethng? and shell most likely say yes haha then u can tell her… i like you… sweet and simple!

  7. Don’t ask right on if she has a boyfriend. That will cause an awkward relationship. Trust me been there done that. Just text her hi and get in a conversation moving towards relationships and that you don’t have a girl and stuff. then ask her if she has a boyfriend since its the topic of your conversation. Hope this helped 🙂

  8. Okay, well I am going to tell you from a chicks point of view. I like it when a guy texts me something funny! Try a silly joke! Girls like funny. Save the sweet stuff until after you have her heart. She will love that too, but wait for the right time. Secondly I hate it when a guy over texts me, when he goes on and on for like an hour when I’m trying to do other things. It’s annoying. Just start off with something simple and see if she bites. If she doesn’t, leave it alone for a while, she will probably get curious and text you. That’s what I usually do.

  9. FOR HER- Text her saying hi and get to know her a little better, Don’t tell her you like her until you’ve hung out with her a few times and stuff. Just so its not so awkward. And don’t JUST tell her you like her. It will put her on the spot and basically set you up for rejection unless she absolutely loves you.. If you are going to tell her, ask her out too. Then at least she can say yes or no, not have to come up with something to reply after your comment.
    TEXTING GIRLS- Most girls like to feel wanted. If you just text them randomly [not obsessively though] and say heey, how are yoou? 🙂 << add a smiley!! You will most likely get a reply! Also, don't say 'True' or 'sweet' and then nothing else {as a reply} . That basically ENDS the conversation and says you don't want to talk to them anymore or that you don't care about keeping the conversation going! Tell her about your day. Do: -talk about what your doing -make her feel good [compliments are always nice!] -keep the convo. going [asking questions about her or her day , without overdoing it!] -brag a little [its cute] but don't over do it or you will seem conceded! -say cute things like G'nite! Sweet dreams! [before bed] or I'll text you later ! 🙂 DON"T: -end the convo with a true, okay, yep, mhmm GOod luck! -

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