What to text this girl!!?

Question by guy352: What to text this girl!!?
I like this girl but Im not sure if she likes me and hardly ever get to talk to her in person what should I text her?! What types of texts do girls like?!

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Answer by Tomko
A simple “Hey” with a smiley face makes me happy! But make sure to keep the conversation exciting dont say one word replies

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  1. try to be unique i know when guys text me they just have to say the random-est things to make me laugh, ask her about her day and compliment her on things like her personality, tell her shes funny. But DO NOT PUT LOL because that will dull out the conversation.. always put haha! it makes a world of difference. if you go to the same school pick out things like if she changed her makeup style or her hair is different or she got a hair cut, and ask her about them and compliment and her knowing that you noticed those things will mean the world to her, and she will totally be awwd:) out i promise.. and if you want to make her laugh just google up some funny jokes and crack em every once in a while and if she sends you those forwards with the rate me things and 1. hot 2.funny. and it says stuff like send to all of your friends and see how people rate you… thats code for hey I LIKE YOU:) …anyways always send back a message with funny and pretty, not so much hot but stuff like cute..now dont send beautiful because it might freak her out…but just try to be yourself and GOOD LUCK:)……P.S Girls like it when you just be yourself. If you really like someone you never want to be someone your not. Don’t say anything cheesy. Be sensitive. Hope this helped!:
    I’m a Girl.

  2. Pick up a beauty of the girl, like smile. Now text her”hey sweety, hope you remember me? Last we met xxxx place. What a sweet girl, especially your smile. It makes a Guy hypnotized and I am. I don’t know when I shall be lucky again to see that sweet smile, but I will wait. Hope my luck won’t disappoint me.”
    I think this is enough for beginning. If she reply, you got her.

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