What to Text a Girl You Like

There are a lot of ways to flirt and text a girl that you like. And texting is different than talking, so you will have to learn that skill like you would any other going on. Follow some basic tips so you have success in every method you are trying to reach the girl through.

Be Subtle

  • Be clear about your point, but not too direct. The message could hint at something so it gets her mind working. And send one text, not 20 on the same idea in a short period of time. Then you look pathetic and stalkerish instead of cool and suave.

Be Humorous

  • Send her texts that she will find funny. The funny texts could be a short knock knock joke, a picture from your own files or something a friend told you. Make sure it is funny and not offensive. Send it at an appropriate time and she might even reply to you.

Use Emoticons

  • Those smiley faces can work to your favor when done correctly. Don’t send a smiley face after each sentence though, because they can be overdone too. Occasionally use one to reinforce your point or simply send an emoticon to convey your feelings at the moment.

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