What to text a girl that i like but telling her discretly?

Question by Rog: What to text a girl that i like but telling her discretly?
I want to text this girl i like i told her what r u doing
but i still dont know wat to say next i like her but i want to tell her discreatly to make her think

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Answer by Hate
i want to lick your cornhole should work.

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  1. You should say some nice things about her like saying she’s pretty,cute,funny,etc. or if you guys could meet up somewhere at school but it kind of depends on the things she is saying and what her mood is.

  2. Maybe next time you see her and you text her, you could say something like “You looked pretty today!” Compliments are always nice. 🙂

  3. I think you meant you asked her what she was doing. In any case Rog, I would send her the text and once you know she’s read the first text, you can send her another telling her you are a little shy, but didn’t want to let an opportunity go by without telling you I really like you. Then see how she reply’s. Good luck.

  4. you should like oh think so and so is cute couple. I think you and i would make cute couple tooo. what do you think. Just hint to her with flirty jokes.

  5. The best way is not through text, but face to face. The old “I really like you” all at once can be overwhelming, though, to both parties, and could ruin any potential or existing friendship. The best way to handle it is flirting at appropriate times- a random, genuine compliment or a half-joking comment. Avoid sexual references. If all this seems to generate no response, it is fairly likely she is not interested. If you want to be sure, a good way to start a conversation is “I really like hanging out with you, YournameHere”.

    Hope that helps.

  6. i was just like u. if she ever drops any hints that she likes u, or if u think she likes u, just tell how u feel, it is always better to just come out with it. i did the same thing with the girl i liked and it turns out she likes me to.

  7. how serious is this relationships…if you know each other kind of well, why do something so important over a phone?…why not ask her in person, show her how u feel meng.

    then again u still have the problem of probably shyness. maybe if she has some good girl friends u know, you could ask them for some advise, maybe ull have a 3soome or something. lol

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