What to say to a girl after a long pause ?

Question by Ricardo: What to say to a girl after a long pause ?
Ok so, I’ve been texting this girl and we ended up in a long pause lol. I need something to ask her next cause I got nothing else to say, iv already asked how was your day and stuff. Is there anything else ? I don’t wanna stop talking to her and I know she doesn’t wanna stop texting me either but I have nothing else to say. We’ve been flirting and stuff but yea. Any suggestions on what to say now? ????

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Answer by Bailey
Suggest playing the questions game. You take turns asking questions that help you get to know each other better. Hopefully that helps you know what she likes and doesn’t like so you can continue your conversation in detail.

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  1. tell her jokes or funny stories..
    talk about tv shows. tell her the shows you like and ask her what she likes? or talk about movies in theatres.
    tell her you’re stoking for a movie coming in theatres and then you can invite her along 🙂

    guys usually ask me about stupid things like what i’m doing for dinner or the weekends.. it’s alright sometimes and can lead to new plans. ask her about herself. she’ll be flattered by the interest. 🙂

  2. Let’s quit with this act ok? I think your beautiful and I really enjoy talking with you and I really love your personality.

  3. say “i have a question” and when she responds, pause for five minutes to get her excited then tease her by saying something like “what’s your favourite colour? :D” in the five minutes she’s waiting she will think about all the questions you could ask her (do you want to go out? do you like me?) and how she would respond to them. it’s all about the surprise. (:

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