What to say in a text to a girl you like?

Question by Jim: What to say in a text to a girl you like?
I like this girl but I barely know her and I don’t know what to say after hi. I don’t want to make the conversation awkward or something. Any conversation starters?

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Answer by Mimi
“so, i really like your moustache”

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  1. whatever you do don’t ask her to play basketball, I askd tht to this girl I was talking to and she hasn’t answerd my txt in a month

  2. First, you don’t text her. You call her. Treat her like a person. “‘Say, I thought that I should just send a text, then I though that you are not like every other girl This time saying hi has to be personal.” “Would you like to go and get some Hot chocolate?”

  3. If you don’t want an awkward conversation talk to her as if she were just a friend. Not some girl that you like. That way you don’t feel as if you have to try so hard to get to know her. Dont be weird though. You can compliment her and stuff but overdoing it might creep her out. Talk to her as if she was just another regular person. And don’t reply with one word texts. Reply with something that she could have an actual response to.

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