What should you do if the husband always cheating. Do you still live with him for the sake of kids?

Question by confuse woman: What should you do if the husband always cheating. Do you still live with him for the sake of kids?
My friend¨s husband is always cheating her and she decided to leave him because she caught him many times texting other girls . In short he cheated her many times. Her kids are against her decision to leave their father, so she asked for some advise..Thank you.

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She should screw a guy with a bigger dick and tell him about it.

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13 thoughts on “What should you do if the husband always cheating. Do you still live with him for the sake of kids?”

  1. I would not live with such a man……..he would be out of my life for the sake of the children.

  2. Why is it up to the kids? They should have no say in this. It’s between the mother and the father. Of course they are against it – all kids are. If she is in a bad relationship, staying for the sake of the kids won’t change that.

  3. Leave him – by allowing this she is setting an example for the children that this is the way they are to treat the love of their life and teaching them that it is okay for people to hurt them. Leave them for the SAKE of the children, and your happiness.

  4. there is no way any one should stay with some one that cheats on them. and kids are the main reason people try to stay together to make the kids have some sort of normal life with both parents. but i have seen that go wrong many times since you have two people living together who don’t like one another and cant really pretend all is fine. i know what it is like to have parents in that situation and its not easy to deal with. its even harder to deal with some times. their father will always be their father even if he is not in the picture. and if they are respectful and understanding with each other they can make it work where they each have the kids and have some sort of normal life with both parents. many catholic women stay with husbands that cheated or did some thing wrong only cause that’s their belief that they don’t get divorced but even in that case its wrong. why be with some one that did that to you?

  5. SHe is right to leave. She has pride and she needs to keep her self esteem. Why should anyone put up with cheating? Her children are just that, they are children and they have no say so in this matter. Of course they don’t want the marriage to end. This is their support system. She needs to do what is right for her. As far as the children, they will learn some very bad lessons if she stays. I can’t even list them all but for the best of the children she needs to leave. He sounds like he is over the marriage anyway so she needs to move on and get her own life with someone who will really love her.The children cannot see what there father is doing wrong because it is their father. She needs to not go to them for any advice.

  6. Her attitude and mental state while still with her husband will end up affecting the children more is she stays with him. Time to do what is best for her and the kids and leave!

  7. not up to the kids! there is so much in life to enjoy. get out there and live it with people who want to be with you.

  8. Cheating men does not care about nobady else,but his objective is to relax and have sex with every women he sees uncuding his hand. Is best to leave him .

  9. No I would not stay with a man who cheats on me. I don’t need to be with a man to be a good mother to my children.

  10. I think she should divorce. The kids are seeing an unhealthy relationship model and they may not know what’s going on. If they do, they should realize that it’s not healthy, or right and shows an utter disregard for the mom. Divorce may not be pleasant but it sounds inevitable. If she puts it off it will be worse later on. Someday, they will realize that mom was right.

  11. She deserves better and staying with him is hurting her and her kids. He is disrespecting her by having the affairs and teaching her kids this is how a man is suppose to treat her. She needs to leave him so she can get her self-esteem back and if she wants eventually find a man who will love,respect,cherish, and honor her.

  12. She needs to get far away as she can.
    Just make the kids understand that this is best.
    You know that mom cant stay with dad cause
    he has done something to hurt me. She
    needs to be happy and the kids will see
    one day this is best. She cant stay with him.
    He will never change that about him. I am
    sure he will cheat on the next woman.
    No matter who he is with he wont change.
    So just get as far away from him as she can.
    And never look back. She will find some one
    to love her. It just takes time. Good luck

  13. Children are always going to be able to see Dad, sometimes you have to be redicales partner with some decisions but their children are separate and they should still be seen to be fair whenever possible.-

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