What should i try to notice about these girls tomorrow in school?

Question by jack: What should i try to notice about these girls tomorrow in school?
So, the first girl i know she liked me because i always texted her and she always texted me and we even went on a little date or whatever, but now i stopped texting her because she randomly decided after a few months to not text back mi-conversation. Well anyways, i stopped texting her on thanksgiving, then friday, like an idiot, i texted her. Now, i’m sure she’s going to think i’m not mad at her anymore. (i’ve been trying to move on from her, because she plays games with people’s heads) Well anyways, she did not reply friday, and i know thats a bad sign, but what will she act like tomorrow in school if she does like me?
The other girl is a sweet girl, whose number i do not have (i’m shy) and I have 0 classes with, same as girl #1, but this girl, I always get a smile from when i pass her in the hall, and a loud HEY! and sometimes she hits me on the back and asks be whats up. But other times, we have really short awkward conversations that seem panicked. This is something i do to girls i like, i cant help it, But a couple times she’s done these with me. What are some things i should look for in these girls that would show they like me? Also, today in school they were both quiet and neither talked to me, but i feel like that was the whole grade today, so waht body language or whatever should i look for?

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Answer by Kristin
Sounds like you’ve got your options haha but with girl number one you never want a girl who plays games, but even though alot of times girls appear to be confidnet and not shy alot of times they are especially when it comes to guys that they are interested in. So if she likes you she could just stop mid convo because she wants to play hard to get. If she really wasnt interested she would most likely not text you at all. If you don’t have any feelings for her then pursue the 2nd girl but you should try talking things out wtih girl one first

and for girl two you have to play elementry love and get one of your friends to mention you in conversation with her, or drop a hint to her that she should talk to you it can be casual just like yeah so me and my firend (insert your name) were hanging out and (blah blah blah) happened (do you know him) I feel like you guys would get along and just take it from there haha

or next itme your awkwardly having a convo ask her to hangout just be like so what are you doing this weekend bring up your favorite resturaunt and how none of your friends like it but you dont want to go alone and see what she says. ! Good luck don’t be afraid and don’t hold back you only live once and if you have an oppertunity to be with someone who you want to be with don’t let that pass you by

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