what should i text this girl?

Question by mike: what should i text this girl?
So theres this chick I think is awesome and cute and she is showing signs of liking me as well. How should I go about starting to talk to her? I want to start chillin with her but I dont know what to do or how to ask her. Ive talked to tons of girls over the years so I am not new to or shy about any of this but for some reason this girl feels different. Any advice? I want to text her now but Im not sure what to say. I dont want her to lose interest in me….
True! What should I text her though to strike up a conversation? Shes a girl that can talk forever about nothing but its cool because i can listen….Im stuck on how to keep the conversation going since she’s the type of girl who needs constant attention
I also don’t know her on a personal level. I just met her a few months ago and haven’t chilled with her a bunch of times but every time she acts like she wants me to step it up to asking her out

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Answer by Asia Strength
Ask her to go to the movies together. Get to know each other. Maybe she’ll confess about her feelings towards you.

I’m sure she won’t turn the movies down. 🙂

Added – from your additional details

Well.. most girls can talk about nothing. Ask her how her day was, she’d probably smile about it. When she responds, (If her day was good or bad) ask her how? What happened? What’d you do? She’d have that feeling, and think you really care. She may ask you about your day. Respond. Compliment her. Text her goodnight/goodmorning. Ask her how’d she sleep. These will all bring in a conversation 🙂

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