What should i text my boyfriends mistress back?

Question by Daniella: What should i text my boyfriends mistress back?
So I just herd my boyfriends phone go off and i looked at it and its a text from a girl he has cheated on me in the past with. I want to text her back pretending to be him to get more information about what they have been doing so I can confront him with evidence tomorrow, but what should I say…Im drawing a blank.

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Answer by Josh
“How do you want it?”

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  1. Know where you are coming from on this. In theory its really wrong to answer another persons phone or look at the messages unless invited. And its even more wrong to pretend to be another person. HOWEVER – Maybe you could test back ” Hi Have you got the right number – whats the prob?” See what happens. but you know if you get information this way you are going to have to come clean and say how you got it.

  2. If you knew it happened before and him and her are still in contact then I think you are crazy girl!! Ive been in your situation and I left that a**hole. It sucks to be cheated on and its scary to start over but its well worth it when you meet someone else who would never put you in that situation in the first place.

  3. “Did you have fun the other day ?”

    if she messages back with an answer you’ll know he’s seen her…
    if she’s confused then he hasn’t done anything wrong !.. But you’ll probably be in trouble !

    But if she does write back you can go on to ask her what she liked most.

    Prepare to be sad though 🙁 and think about if you reallly want to know what’s being going on or if it will hurt too much.

    Good luck!

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