What should I text a girl about?

Question by Matty: What should I text a girl about?
I need topics to text a girl about, i usually just say whats up and talk about high school and stuff that she is doing and her vacations. What else?

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Answer by Lactaid addict
just say hi

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  1. Ask her about her day.
    Ask her about her family.
    Ask her about her favorite things.
    Ask her about the Olympics.

  2. Ask her about her day
    Talk to her about your inside jokes
    Talk to her about the olympics
    Ask her about her favorite TV shows
    Compliment her

  3. It is good that you ask about her and what she is up to. Girls do like that, but tell her a few things that you are up to. Just don’t go into too much details if it is a subject like vehicle repairs or something she may know nothing about. Tell her you miss her and would like to spend time with her. I am sure she would like that.

  4. movies, sports, just be interested in getting to know lots of things about her, and make sure its not you doing all the asking or talking, it needs to be both ways. and dont listen to that guy who said talk about sex cuz for me, that just shows that a) he thinks im easy, and/or b) he is not worth talking to

  5. Remember to ask about her day and try and concentrate on her, girls like guys who can listen. Also be funny and a little bit flirty, they like that also. Oh, and text back fast, don’t be boring or be sexual the whole time, if you are saying ‘what you doing?’ with her reply, ask about it, be interested in what she’s saying.. she’ll really like that.

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