What should I do about this girl?

Question by Canadian sharpshooter: What should I do about this girl?
There is this really really truely amazing girl I like we don’t talk much in person but lately we text everyday but it seems she only text messages me when she bored but I really enjoy talking to her and she must some what enjoy it if she responds?? But I can not hold. Conversation very long because she gets bored easily I can tell because she starts giving one word answers. She has told me things that seem really personal like her mother being sick but since it was through a text conversation does it mean she doesn’t see as very personal info???? How many times should I text her I am also unsure I’d she is single???….. I accidently lied to her as well pretending I smoke weed once in a while I’m afraid this is going to come back and haunt me ?!??!?! What should I do?

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Answer by herebutmymindsgone
why would you lie about smoking weed anyways? try it sometime you might like it lol. but for the girl shes probably not that into you because she doesn’t really seem like she really wants to engage in conversation with you. or maybe she just doesn’t know what to reply back with hence the one word answers. you should stop texting her and see if she texts you first.. or be a man and talk to her in person.

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